• Self Amalgamating Tape 10m

Self Amalgamating Tape 10m

Used in situations where standard PVC sticky tape rarely works well and degrades rapidly in sunshine and extremes of temperature. Very useful when sealing/waterproofing f-connectors and LNB connections.

Self amalgamating tape is a polyisobutylene tape which has no adhesive but over a period of hours adheres to itself and forms a single amalgamated rubber moulding conforming to the shape of the items it is covering.

It is essential that it is completely dry when used but beyond that is safe on any material. It does not adhere to the substarte so can be cut away with a sharp knife if access is required later. Once in place for more than about 30 minutes it cannot be unwrapped but must be cut away.

Tape length 10m

Tape width 19mm

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Self Amalgamating Tape 10m

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